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      銷售與服務Sales SERVICE
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      服務第一·客戶至上Service first· Customer first
      Scientific management, improving technology and regular customer training system  providing customers with a variety of pre-sales consulting, sales and after-sales service!
      1. 根據客人要求,介紹公司情況及相關的產品信息、類別,并提供行業政策及市場信息。
      2. 根據客人的當地市場需求、產量及投資規模提供產品報價、參數。
      Before-sales service:
      1. According to require, Introduce the situation and product categories of our company and offer the relevant standard information & policy. 
      2. Offer equipment parameter and quotation to user according the local market demand, productivity demand and 
       investment scale.
      1. 協助設計工廠布局圖,機臺安裝圖。
      2. 嚴密跟進生產進度以確保按時交貨,在交貨之前進行出廠測試
      On-sales service:
      1. Supervise the workshop layout  and other relevant amenities 
      2. Follow up the production schedule to ensure the delivery on time and testing machine before loading.  
      1. 巖浦將會為客戶派遣有豐富經驗的技術人員到指定廠址進行安裝調試,并對當地工人進行培訓,來確保機器能夠長期保持正常運轉及維修。
      2. 機器保質期一年, 終身服務,故障快速解決方案
      3. 為每一位客戶建立檔案并定時進行跟蹤服務
      4. 免費的設備軟件升級服務、長期的零配件供應
      After-sales service:
      1. Plants supplied by Yanpu are assembled and commissioned by our own qualified and experienced technicians.  
       After the completed plant has been tested and handed over, your staff will be in the position to start production at high productivity and availability from the very first day
      2. One year quality guarantee, life service and Prompt solution
      3. Set up individual customers’ file system for follow up service
      4. Control system and equipments software upgrade for free and supply for long-term service of your plant